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Green Solutions Pro

Commercial disinfecting services using electrostatic and fogging technology. Get the protection you need from dangerous pathogens.

Safe Everywhere

Get cleaning services certified safe for any facility, including schools, hospitals, and industrial premises.

Kills 99.9999% of Viruses & Bacteria

Eliminate E. coli, salmonella, cold and flu, and coronavirus from your home, auto, or workplace.

Ongoing Protection

Get solutions that continue working to keep your surfaces clean, long after we’re gone.

Electrostatic Technology

Removes all traces of pathogenic presence from surfaces, leaving them spotlessly clean.

Texas Based

Why Use Green Solutions Pro?

Traditional cleaning methods leave behind a biofilm – a thin layer of viruses, bacteria, and biological residue. Green Solutions Pro improves on classic solutions by using electrostatic technology to remove all traces of pathogenic presence from surfaces, leaving them spotlessly clean.

ISSA Member & GBAC Certified

Green Solutions Pro technicians are professionally trained and highly certified. Additionally, by being ISSA and GBAC certified, we can help your facilities become GBAC STAR accredited. Contact us to find out how we can help you get successfully accredited and help you demonstrate proper disinfecting practices to make sure you have systems in place to prepare, respond to, and recover from COVID-19.

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About Us

We created Green Solutions Pro to provide no-compromise cleaning solutions that kill pathogens and promote health.

Leading disinfectants kill 99.9 percent of germs and leave surfaces visibly clean. Unfortunately, they also leave behind a thin film of bacteria called a biofilm that poses a risk to human health.

Green Solutions Pro uses an alternative cleaning method that kills germs and eliminates the biofilm, leaving your premises perfectly hygienic long after we’re gone. Furthermore, our solutions are wholly safe, suitable for use around children, pets, and the elderly. 

Our Process

Traditional chemical cleaners applied with regular sprayers will kill bacteria and viruses, but their effectiveness is limited. Droplets emitted from these devices will fall onto surfaces under the influence of gravity and kill bacteria and viruses if they make contact. But they are not actively attracted to microbes via secondary forces. Thus, bacteria and viruses may remain viable on surfaces even after cleaning and continue to be hazardous.

Green Solutions Pro overcomes the limitations of the old approach by using electrostatic sprayers. These devices charge cleaning particles, causing them to engulf microbes, killing them dead. Individual droplets seek out surfaces to attach to, fully covering them, regardless of angle or the type of material. Our cleaning methods, therefore, can reach areas that traditional services cannot.

Importantly, the electrostatic cleaning action continues for days after application. Once the cleaning agent surrounds the virus or bacteria, it can no longer function and dies. The future spread of pathogens is impossible, even if food and energy are both abundantly available in the environment. Consequently, the biofilm cannot develop, lowering the risk of contamination.

Our Two-step Cleaning Method

Please note, our antimicrobial solutions are safe for both people and the environment.


Spray using electrostatic technology to ensure coverage of all surfaces to kill any existing microbes


Apply a layer of antimicrobial probiotics to protect against further microbe growth

Compare Techniques

Spray & Wipe

UV Light

Green Solutions Pro Fogging

Green Solutions Pro Electrostatic Spraying

Kills 99.9999% of Bacteria & Viruses


Application Square Footage Per Hour





No Biofilm


360 Degree


Protects Against Future Bacteria & Virus Growth


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